Integration of our Senses


Our senses are our gateway to the environment. Realise during this class, which of your gates are ‘open’ and how you can support others in their sensual perception.

How conscious do you treat yourself? Do you feel yourself in the face of our rising external stimulations. Unfortunately our sensual perception is increasingly inhibited. This can be observed with the high sensitivity to noise, fears when spinning fast, or a permanent restlessness with children and adults. You will experience a journey into your sensual perceptions and an enhanced feeling of being yourself. We will balance each and every one of our 7 senses and share practical tools on how to support other people to understand their perceptual challenges.

From the class contents: levels of perception • development of the balance system, proprioception, feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting • balances

Course founders: Renate Wennekes and Angelika Stiller

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