International Faculty


The international faculty of Developmental Kinesiology shapes Developmental Kinesiology worldwide. Faculty members are:

  • Renate Wennekes (Germany)
  • Heike Potthoff (Germany)
  • Marina Gieshoidt (Germany)
  • Brigitte Muhr-Berthold (Austria)

Since 1996 Developmental Kinesiology has officially been a part of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation program (Brain Gym International). All her classes qualify for certification in the Brain Gym® Instructor programs.

All DK classes qualify towards the professional track of the German DGAK and the Swiss (KINESUISSE) association of professional kinesiologists. Today, Developmental Kinesiology is taught and practiced throughout the world.

Developmental Kineisology is a lively, organic body of work. It is molded and shaped by the many participants, while at the same time, adhering to its core tenents of development and growth. By your participation, you can enrich and enhance the contents of Developmental Kinesiology, as you progress from Developmental Consultant, to Practitioner, Instructor and Faculty member.

Register as Practitioner or Instructor on this web site. This gives you a great opportunity to make other people aware of your work and to spread an understanding of Developmental Kinesiology.