Developmental Kinesiology


Developmental Kinesiology is about early childhood development. It addresses our inner and outer growth on all levels of life and learning. Dive into the fascinating dynamics that inform the development of life in the womb and the developmental stages of toddler’s life.

The Idea
The ongoing process of early childhood development sets the stage and influences the way we develop all of our projects, our relationships, and each successive phase in our lives. A tender look at our own childhood through the balancing of any experienced challenge enriches one’s everyday life, professional life and each of our relationships, with accessible, fresh energy. Imbued with renewed vigour, we can quickly move through and to integrate issues that reoccur in our lives on many different levels. Such issues are often based in the seminal gaps, or challenges, of our early childhood development, and remain until we revisit and resolve them.

Developmental Kinesiology provides us with . . .

  • Joy, love, understanding, and curiosity regarding your own early childhood development.
  • Information and insights on the natural flowing process of our early childhood development
  • Balance Systems for personal development for people of all walks of life and all ages
  • Practical coaching tools which are to be offered during the term of pregnancy, in support of a desire for pregnancy, during the birthing process and during the first 3 ½ years after birth.
  • Admiration for our own growth and the growth of our children
  • Ideas for unfolding potentials, projects, wishes, and goals.