Professional Track Developmental Consultant

Are you a kinesiologist? Do you love to coach people of all ages? Are you interested in reviewing and balancing your own early childhood development? Do you want to broaden and enhance your professional work as a midwife, educator, teacher, nurse, speech therapist, physiotherapist, social worker, day nanny, or gynecologist?

If so, the Developmental Consultant – intensive course will open new perspectives for you on both a personal level as well as a professional level. You will acquire a comprehensive body of knowledge of Developmental Kinesiology and the ability to apply it in practical ways to real-life situations.

Pre-requisites for the Consultant :
>> Complete four seminars of
developmental Kinesiology
>> Edu-K In Depth or Touch for
Health IV
>> Complete the Developmental
Consultant  IKL Intensive training

The focus of this professional track is on understanding natural early childhood development as well as on achieving a more comprehensive order. The Developmental Kinesiology Balances set themselves apart with their ability to juxtapose current challenges to our early childhood development realign the entire System/energy on one focal point. You will receive an IKL certification to address issues related to early childhood development from a kinesiologial perspective.

You are IKL-certified to work with issues around early childhood development using kinesiology methods.

Course founder: Renate Wennekes

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