About The Founder


Renate Wennekes holds a Diploma in Education. She is one of the first Kinesiologists in Germany. Since the early 1980s she has pioneered Kinesiology in Germany by offering a diverse set of classes, Balances and professional Kinesiology tracks. Worldwide, she is one of the leading teachers in educational based Kinesiology.

Renate’s work is dedicated to the concept of self-help and movement-based learning for children as well as adults. In 1993 she founded the Institut für Kinesiologische Lehre IKL (Institute for Kinesiology Teachings). Her Institute offers individual balances, group classes and since the year 2000 a professional track for accompanying Kinesiology, which is certified by the German Kinesiology association (DGAK). Hundreds of people continue to be certified in and learn the art of Kinesiology from Renate at IKL.

Her work enjoys an exceptional reputation world-wide. She is actively engaged in shaping Kinesiology through her work in national as well as international Kinesiology organizations. Renate is a Faculty member for Brain Gym International, an Edu-K Faculty mentor and member on the board of advisors of the German Society for Professional Kinesiologists (DGAK). Also, she is a founding member of the Kinesiology association ‘Arbeitskreis Edu-Kinestetik zur Selbsthilfe’.

“My motivation is, to create joy, to show passion and to open new path-ways to people, allowing them to live their potentials and skills.” Renate Wennekes