Professional Track Developmental Kinesiology Facilitator

Do you love teaching workshops that provide people with platforms of personal development and learning? Would you like to introduce people to the process of an early childhood development as nature intended? As a Developmental Kinesiology Facilitator you can realign the two. You are entitled to teach one or more of the 7 Developmental Kinesiology one day workshops.

The workshops primarily address an audience that is not familiar with Kinesiology and Developmental Kinesiology. You introduce them to early childhood development as well as the 5 step learning model. Using balances, play and information you can provide them with deep impulses and experiences as you accompany the participants in certain aspects on their individual life path.

Pre-requisites for the Facilitator certification is:
>> Successful completion of the Workshop you want to teach.
>> Repeat the selected workshop as assistant (full participation fee is due). If you are a certified Brain Gym® instructor, a licensed Developmental Coach IKL or a licensed Touch for Health Instructor this requirement may not apply.
>> Successful completion of the matching three-day Developmental Kinesiology class.
>>Successful completion of at least two further Developmental Kinesiology three-day classes.


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