All Practitioners and Instructors that are represented on this website further their education on a regular base in order to maintain the high standard of their works.

Within the period of three years Instructors and Practitioners have to complete 21-24 hours of further education with the following classes:

Preferential classes:

  • all of the three day Developmental Kinesiology classes

Other classes:

  • Developmental Kinesiology Relationship Reflex Workshop
  • Level 2 and 3 Edu-K / Brain Gym® classes, especially Vision Circles, Total Core Repatterning
  • Quinesiology classes
  • Svetlana Masgutovas classes on early childhood development:
    • The Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration
  • Jirina Prekop classes of: The school of the loving family
  • Artgerecht Projekt:
    • Ausbildungen zum Windelfrei-Coach und Artgerecht Coach
    • Ausbildungen zur Trageberatung und Stillberatung
  • Kinesiology classes on neureoscience
    • with Alfred Schatz: Biochemistry of our Psychology
    • with Irmtraud Große-Lindemann: Neuromeridian Kinaesthetic

Other classes when approved by a faculty member & the Institut für Kinesiologische Lehre.

Practitioners and Instructors are expected to provide the proof for the participation in these classes self-responsible to the IKL-Agency or directly to the IKL by sending the participation certificate latest on the 31st of January with the end of the three years period.