Professional Track Developmental Kinesiology Instructor

As a Developmental Kinesiology Instructor you are licensed to teach the three-day Developmental Kinesiology classes. These classes address participants that have a background in kinesiology and have also had experiences in applying kinesiology for their own personal growth.

The instructor has a high level of responsibility to design and guide Developmental Kinesiology classes as he or she guides participants through their personal processes.

Being an instructor presumes a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the seminar contents and of the Developmental Kinesiology philosophy as well as a high level of empathy.

Instructor licensing for the Developmental Kinesiology classes is granted on an individual basis.

Pre-requisites for the Instructor certification is:
>> Successful completion of the IKL Developmental Consultant class
>> Brain Gym® Instructor certification
>> Take the class you want to teach a second time AND assist in teaching the class once.
>> Complete all of the basic literature for that particular class.
>> Be experienced and with Developmental Kinesiology Balances (balancing yourself, children, and adults)
>> Interview with one of the Developmental Kinesiology Faculty on the central points of your chosen class