Integration of Conception and Decision


Our system memorises all our life experiences, actions and operating -from our conception up to today. Re-experience your decision to come to this earth in this class and gain surprising insights into the origin of your life here on earth.

Clarifying your own conception reinforces your decision making ability, your capacity to actively shape your life and to feel ‘at the right place’.

It will offer you tools to reinforce your abilities and your joy in the process of decision making, the active shaping of your life, and enhance the ‘feeling of being at the right place at the right time’.

Re-live your conception. Take a looking look at your own beginnings on this earth. A class with abundant information also for couples with the wish to have children.

From the class content: preparation of perception: love, sexuality, reproduction • egg and sperms • unification • cell division • nidation • wish to have children and contraception • balances

Course founder: Renate Wennekes

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