Integration of Early Childhood Reflexes and Reactions


Reflexes are stepping stones in our development. In this seminar you learn to identify non-integrated reflexes, how these can influence our development and our skills and how you can integrate them using kinesiology methods. Accompany people with the integration of their reflexes. Reflexes should be integrated latest by the time children enter school. Many challenges with writing, reading and learning can be traced back to non-integrated reflexes. Emotional reflex baggages are for example feelings of dependency or holding onto relationships

Learn about early childhood reflexes and their effects on the development of our motor and social skills. This class will be relevant in school activities, in your profession, and every day life. Witness in yourself and offer to others experiences of easy learning and a renewed competence in life as you go forward with integrated reflexes.

From the content: reflexes and reactions as base for our development • primary reflex patterns • reflex groups A, B, and C • learning menu reflexes

Course founders: Renate Wennekes and Angelika Stiller

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