Integration of Pregnancy and Growth


Re-experience your own pregnancy. Realise how it influences your growth in your life today – on the physical, the emotional and the soul level. At the same time you are taught how to competently coach pregnant women and their babies with kinesiology tools. The way in which we experience the first nine months in womb influences our life ‘outside’. Clarifying your own womb-time strengthens your inner growth, your self worth, showing yourself and the feeling to have a home.

This class contains important information and balances for the work with adopted children, foster children and their respective parents, with people that had a caesarian section or hormones injection introducing contractions as well as for the work with people processing a miss carriage.

From the class contents: growing and becoming • early bonding • the first environment of the child • accompanying pregnancy, development of the body, perception and senses • three phases of pregnancy • organization of birth and first phase of adaptation • balances

Couse founder: Renate Wennekes

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