Integration of Speech and Hand Dexterity


Explore your hand dexterity, your voice, your speaking abilities and the ways in which they support and inhibit one another. Use the information and kinesiology methods from this class to support children and adults to enhance their speaking, writing and responsible behavior.

What is happening when a three year old can not speak in complete sentences? Why do many school children have difficulties to hold the pen in a relaxed posture? Can we find the right words during presentations? This is a workshop for you, for your speech, your self-expression but also for everyone who lives and works with pre-school and school children, e.g. parents, educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists etc.

From the class contents: anatomy and neurological prerequisites to acquire speech • integration of senses for speech • speech and motor planning • voice • de- and encoding • speech and movement • balances

Course founders: Renate Wennekes and Angelika Stiller

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