Speech and Hand Dexterity – Your keys to creativity


Let’s explore, identify, and perceive areas of ease and cumbersome areas in our oral and written speech patterns. What do I need in order to speak, read and write? And how do I support myself and my child when repeating the same ‘mistakes’ over and again?

We often try to solve learning difficulties on the same level – we read when we have reading difficulties, we write when having difficulties with spelling etc. This is not always helpful. There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to speak or write successfully. This is what we balance through play and movement exercises. You will be offered an experience of how easy it can be to speak, read and write with joy and ease. This workshop is especially valuable for people who are working with children.

From the workshop contents: pre-requisites for speech: laterality and dominances – left handedness – speech development in three steps – motor development: from gross to fine motor movement, Balancing and learning menu.

Workshop founder: Renate Wennekes

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